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  Next INSET Day 
The school is closed to pupils due to an Inset day on Monday 21 July.
  Year 11 Rewards Trip 
Year 11 Rewards Trip has been postponed under after half term, we will keep you posted of the new date.  Apologies for any inconvenient caused.
  Easter Revision Timetable 
Week 1
Monday 14th April
Yr11 French/SP/10-1p.m./HL10
Yr11 Spanish/YR/10-1 p.m./HL11
Yr11 Food Tech/KA/10-4 p.m. /CT4
Yr11 Business Studies/NK/9.30-2.30 p.m./HLA area
Yr11 GCSE Art/ET/9.30-2.30 p.m./TA9
Tuesday 15th April
Yr11 EDEXCEL English Set/12.30 - 4p.m. in EMA and B/EM6/7/12
Yr11 EDEXCEL  English and Literature set/9-4p.m./ EM6
Yr11 AQA English Sets/Coursework 9-4p.m./EM7
Yr11 GCSE ART/PW/Coursework/10-3p.m. TA10
Yr11 GCSE Science/SB/9-1 p.m./LZ
Yr10 French/SP/AH/10-1p.m./HL11
Wednesday 16th April
Yr 11 AQA English Sets/Coursework/9-4p.m. in EMA and B/EM6/7/12 Yr10 French/AH/10-1p.m./HL11
Yr11 GCSE Science/SB/9-1 p.m./LZ
Thursday 17th April
Yr11 AQA English Sets/Exam Preparation/9-4p.m./EMA+B
Yr11 FSMQ Mathematics/LBR/9-3p.m./EM9
Good Friday 18th April
School Closed
Week 2
Monday 21st April
School Closed
Tuesday 22nd April
School Closed
Wednesday 23rd April
Yr11 Geography/MB/LD/10-2p.m. /HL4 and HL5
Yr11 Mathematics/DU/3-5p.m/EM9
Yr11 Mathematics/YP/FH/10.30 - 12.30 p.m./EM9
Thursday 24th April
Yr11 Geography MB/LD/10-2p.m/HL4 and HL5
Yr11 Mathematics/DU/3-5p.m./EM9
Yr11 Mathematics /YP/FH/10.30 - 12.30 p.m./EM9
Friday 25th April
Yr11 Mathematics/DU/3 -5p.m./EM9
  Welcome Message from the Principal 
Choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Your child will need to feel safe and secure and be assured that they will have access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences which will shape the rest of their life. We believe that your child is entitled to the very best in education and here, at Aldersley High School, we offer just that. The outstanding computing and technological facilities enjoyed by the school are put to full use, by a very caring and committed staff, in ensuring that your child reaches their full potential.

We believe in hard work and in encouraging achievement of all kinds. Our approach is founded on a special partnership between you as parents, the school and your child -education is most successful when parents are closely involved in their child’s development. We will, therefore, work closely with you to ensure your child achieves the very best.

We believe in setting high standards. We know that with good teaching, a well disciplined environment and a structured system of guidance and support all students who attend Aldersley High School will grow into confident, capable young people, well prepared for adult life. The prospectus can only provide an outline of the school and what it can offer your child. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you.


Mrs. N Davis
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